French Music

The French music gas largely contributed and played an essential role to the progress of the European cinema and music. As French people are extremely fond of food and music, music is all the more common in this country. Though a lot of French music is influenced and brought by American and British Bands, French also have their own original genre and music.

The French also has imparted a lot of the world modern western jazz, pop, rock as well as jazz. As a matter of fact, contemporary western pop music has a great influence to France in an essential way and this has led to the country seeing the rise of renowned French rock, pop and hip-hop performers.

After the overture of the operas in Italy, they were merged with French operas and French ballets also came up. Jean-Baptiste Lully and his descendant Jean-Philippe Rameau were the masters of French Opera during the time of the Baroque.

Traditional forms of music have withstood the most distant places like Corsica Island and steep Auvergne and the more patriotic places of the Bretons and Basques. In most cases, folk music was revived in quite recent years in order to cater to travelers.

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Popular Music

The nineteenth century noticed the highest point of the Cabaret fashion and the main star is Yvette Guilbert. This was lasted into the 1930. During the years 50s, 60s and 70s, it was the time of Chanson Francaise.


This is a form of French music which became renowned in France in year 1880. It utilizes the accordion as a major instrument and frequently signifies the art of French. The popular musette artists include Yvette Horner, Aimable Pluchard as well as Andre Verchuren. It became successful internationally with the success of the musette album called Amelie.


Also known as French-Cancan, this is a physically demanding and high energy musical dance, normally performed by chorus lines of female performers who wear long dress with petticoats as well as black stocking. The key features of this dance skirt manipulation and lots of lifting and with high kicking as well.


This is a traditional type of musical entertainment in French featuring dance, comedy, chanson, music as well as spectacles. Normally, the audience sits at tables, drinking and dining and sometimes, performance are presented by the host.

Spectral Music

This is a type of computer assisted composition, made by the French and has become common in the US and Europe. French music is a combination of a variety of various music forms. A lot of great legendary composers have stated from French and music of French has largely dominated the music and art of Europe.

Contemporary Music


The more pop and commercial part of chanson is known as Variete and integrated Patricia Kaas, Vanessa Paradis, Marc Lavoinem, Patric Bruel, Florent Pagny, Pascal Obispo and many more. The superstar standing of diva Mylen Farmer inspired pop performers such as Lorie Alizee and Zazie and Rhythm and Blues singles such as Ophelie Winter and Nadiva.


Though this kind of music was not very popular in France until the year 70s, there were pioneering musicians and composers in France because the trend of psychedelic rock was peaking all over the world. Les Maledictus Sound and Jean-Pierre were among the most influential. Later on, bands came up like the Martin Circus, Magma, Trust, Noir Desir and renowned musicians like Bireli Lagrene, Paul Personne and Marcel Dadi.

Progressive Rock

France is one of the premier producers of progressive rock in year 1970s. Fanatics all over the world were enamored by recording such as Angels Le Cimetiere des Arlequins, Halloween, Pulsar and many more. Most popular, however, might be the band called Magma which made its own style of music.

80s Rock

Year 1980s, rock music spawned lots of forms and styles, a lot closely related to Switzerland, Belgium and Canada musical scene. Pub rock, pop punk, Psychobilly, punk rock and synthpop were just amongst the forms showed at this time. Early 1980s, Les Rita became extremely popular all through Europe with the exceptional blending of new wave, punk, cabaret and dance elements.


French renowned heavy metal bands include Anorexia, Gojira, Dagoba, Hacride, Nervosa, Eths, Gorod, Kronosm Carcariass, Yyrkoon and Fairyland. A lot of these heavy metal bands play in the trash metal and death metal styles. There are also lots of black metal movements in French which include Deathspell, balance, Omega, Aus Nord, Arkhon Infaustus, Antaeus and Merrimack.

Electronic Music

This type of France music, as demonstrated by Cerrone and Jean Michel Jarre, obtained a wide audience. The electro pop duos Daft Punk and Air and techno artists David Guetta and Laurent Garnier found lots of audience in the late 90s and in the first years of the 21st century, both internationally and locally. Groups like M83 and Justice keep on enjoying success.


French house is one type of house music. It is the portion of the 90s and beginning years of 21st century dance music scene. The style is known as New Disco, Disco House and French Touch. The early mid and late 1990s productions were prominent for the so called “filter effect” utilized by many artists.


Renowned Village People-founded by the French composers, Henri Belolo and Jacques Morali was a main and common international disco group. The notable French disco artists include Ottawan, Patrick Hernandez, Sheila, Cerrone, F.R David and Sheila is known for international hits Born to be Alive, Words, DISCO and Spacer.

Hip Hop Music

This kind of music moved to France in the year 1980s. French DJs and rappers like David Guetta as well as MC Solaar are some of the successful hip hop artists with lots of songs that hit all over the world. This kind of music was originated in NYC. It was invented by Black Americans in 1970s. By year 1983, this music spread all over the world including France. Right away, French performers breakdancers and musicians started their career including Traction Avant and Max Laure Bourjolly.

All in all, there are lots of significant changes that took place in French music. This is maybe because of the influence of nearby countries and the taste of listeners well.